Soap cutting machine
  • Soap cutting machine

Soap cutting machine


The machine is used for continuous roller printing and cutting molding of the soap strip extrusion of the plodder machine. The machine without power, relying on the extrusion of the bar machine to promote the operation of soap. The first two die rollers are used to print a font pattern on both sides of the soap, and the rollers behind are used for chopping molding. Chrome plating on Die roller surface. The SOAP fonts are clear, the end face is flat and beautiful, easy to operate and easy to overhaul. SOAP sizes and patterns are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.
Ⅱ.Major technical parameters:
Soap size (height width)(cm): (8-40) x (1-10) x (1-5)
Capacity Depends on the plodder
Mold Randomly bring a set of mold
Weight(KG) 100
Size(mm) 1000x500x900