Tin Can Making Machine

                                         The traditional method can process and metal packaging

       The traditional method of making metal packaging cans is: first the metal flat tinplate cut into the strips and then the tinplate strips is rolled into a cylinder (or barrel) and the joint line up welding is formed by forming a side seal, one end of the cylinder (i.e. tin can bottom) formed by mechanical rolling sealing flange and side cover (this is the end of circular and double seaming), thereby forming a can body; the other end to seal the lid into the product. Because the tin can is composed of three parts, the bottom of the tank, the body of the jar and the cover of the jar, it is called three cans. This method can more than 150 years, basically no big changes, only the degree of automation and the processing precision is greatly improved in recent years and will be changed into the sealing side seam welding.

     In early 70s, the emergence of a new principle can. According to this principle, the tank body and the bottom of the tank are a whole. They are made of a piece of flat billet and are sealed into the product. This is the two piece of tin. There are two ways of forming this kind of pot: Stamping - thinning, drawing (punching) and stamping - re stamping (deep drawing method). These technologies are not new in themselves. Punching and stretching method early in the first World War has been used in the manufacture of casings, cans with different is the use of ultra-thin metal and high production rate (annual output of up to hundreds of millions)

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