Comparison of vertical and horizontal tin can making machines

      For a long time, the domestic can equipment companies produced tin cans,mostly use horizontal can device, the device produces a single product varieties, but large output, do not need change mold, often for many enterprises manufacturers is a very general, but for some small companies, small the annual production , steel drum product variety is more, both open and small opening tin cans, there are various kinds of diameter tin cans, could see the advantage of vertical system equipment.

        Firstly, the manufacturing cost is lower than the horizontal one, and the accident fault is very few, because the vertical canning equipment is the use of the whole machinery. Secondly, vertical canning equipment covers a much smaller area. Three, the energy consumption is little, the power of the sealing machine of a horizontal canning equipment is 35 kilowatts, but the vertical sealing machine only needs 7.5 kilowatts, the difference is more than four times.Fourthly, could make thin tin tin can easily.

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