Can Sealing Machine

      Canning of foods first occurred in the 18th century however in jars! Due to the demands of long sea voyages, armies being far from home for extended periods and the increasing needs of city populations, efficient methods of food preservation were needed. At the time, approaches of preservation consisted of drying, cigarette smoking, pickling and salting of foods, however were insufficient for preserving foods for an extended period of time.

      Canning is an approach of preserving food in air-tight vacuum-sealed containers and heat processing sufficiently to enable keeping the food at normal-home temperatures. Canning is among the most safe ways to preserve foods. To retain peak quality, the service life of canned food crammed in a healthy can which made by a high quality can sealing machine is at least 2 years, and the vitamin level in canned food remains steady during the service life as long as the container is not damaged in any method.

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