Can mkaing machine

                                              Application scope of small round can sealing machine

         Brilliant Small-scale can sealing machine not only can work separate ,but also combined with conveyor line production. It not only improve the production capacity , but also expanded the scope of application, from manual to semi-automatic, from semi-automatic to fully automatic , efficient completion of a variety of beverage filling and sealing operations. At present beverage equipment industry,it’s most new products can replaces manual operation and manual semi-automatic production , and most ideal equipment in largest beverage plant and the food industry.

         Brilliant have the artificial intervention, enhances the production efficiency." Automatic filling, automatic sealing, reasonable results, advanced quantitative filling technology operation and stable sealing technology, reliable operation, low operating cost, the general service life can be increased by more than 5 years.

          Brilliant Small sealing cans focus on filling, sealing, playing code , the wholeprocess, automatic cup, automatic quantitative filling, automatic sealing, automatic code-making process and integration . The rigid container is the container whose shape is not easy to change after the container is formed, and the sealing machine is often used in different form of the lid.It has following several types. Capping and sealing machine. The cover is machined in advance of the inner thread, and the thread has a single head or a long point.

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