Can Making Machine

                  Advantages and operation of automatic tin sealing machine

     Brilliant Automatic can sealing machine is generally applied to automatic production line, mass production line. Because the machine is transform from drilling machine  , so at present they are large and bulky sealing machine in domestic. Due to high cost, high production, high technical, won the favor of large enterprises.

     Brilliant can sealing machine has high quality and mineralization activity .It's enough to fill in the blanks don't have high-speed big can sealing machine in domestic .and most large and medium-sized enterprises consumer are complete satisfaction on them. This machine adopted electromechanical integration control, Electric, pneumatic, and other active changes SAP all adopted Schneider, Omron, Festo and foreign advanced SAP parts, the degree of activity is high, task is solid and reliable.

     Brilliant Automatic sealing machine task parameters can be easily designed and changed according to different wheel-groove seals in glass. The first and second seal rollers are combined to act, making the flanging and lid groove twists coincidental .sealing pressure and resulting in a strictly parallel five-layer tin joint, where in the first wheel is important to make the flanging and superposition of the condition and good hook groove cover hook body, the second sealing disc is caused by the

     Pressure exerted after sealing the initial connection. Symmetrical bottom hairs, two-word structures make the large can seal quality more stable. The system, capable of can suction, does not require the equipment of the steam box, increases the cost of the product, and could extend shelf life of canned goods.

     Brilliant can provide the complete tin can making machine of all kinds of metal cans. The hotline: 0086-792-8358866