Soap plodder
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Soap plodder


This duplex vacuum plodder extrude the soap flakes to be soap bar after mixing and grinding,then come to soap stamper and stamp to be finished soaps.
This machine use upper and down screws,there is vacuum chamber for air exhaust by vacuum pump in the first floor,so as to keep the high quality soap.There are separate reduction gearbox in each floor,drived by cylinder helical gear with high efficiency and low noise.The down screw drived by electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor,the speed controlled exactly,so it is good for stamping.A temperature-control heater,the good temperature could keep good soap quality.This machine use close gear box driving,the body is by welding,compact structure,high efficiency,good look and low noise are the machine features,all the part which touch soap noodles are high quality stainless steel.
Ⅱ.Major technical parameters:
Model XT-500 XT-800 XT-1200
Capacity(kg/h) 300-600 670-1000 670-1200
Diameter(mm) 200 300 300
Rotating speed(rpm) Up 15  Under 8-16 Up12  Under 10-16 Up 12  Under 10-16
Power(kw) Up 5.5  Under 11 Up 11  Under 18.5 Up 15   Under 22
Size(mm) 2810×900×1830 3758×1000×2275 3818×1000×2288
Weight(kg) 3200 5500 5800