Automatic soap cutting machine
  • Automatic soap cutting machine

Automatic soap cutting machine


This electronic laundry soap cutting machine is mainly used for continuous automatically cut soap bars of soap plodder into cakes and stamp patterns on the soap. Because of the electronic tracking system, it can cut laundry soap bars with any sizes and weight after setting the computer.The mould wheels are run by the moving of soap bar from soap plodder, the characters of soap is clear, end side of soap is vertical, smooth and neat, and  operation setting is simple.
It can meet a variety of different sizes required to overcome the fault of traditional laundry soap cutting machine, which the length of soap can not be adjusted, a laundry cutting machine with a length.
Ⅱ.Major technical parameters:
Production Capacity Max.200 piece/min
Power 1.5kw
Weight 110kg
Size 820*500*1080mm